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Never even hear my phone ring, why did he call ? I never gave him my phone number.

3 weeks ago / 418

Very rude and unprofessional staff. Don't listen to what you have to say. I don't have a account with them. They keep calling my phone number trying ...

3 weeks ago / 314

This phone number was used to call me with a scam recording saying my SIN has been suspended. If the owner of this number making these ridiculous ...

3 weeks ago / 519

This person knew my first name and cell number. I received a text message from this person apologizing for missing an event but asked if I was still ...

3 weeks ago / 310

This is the rescare help desk I just called to try to get help and the guy was beyond rude and as I'm trying to explain what problems I was having ...

3 weeks ago / 800

These people have stolen money from tons of people including myself I sent them 8,000.00 for an engine and never recieved it. Their thieves stop ...

2 months ago / 440

Scam - using this number to say they are from Amazon and want to verify a charge to my account.

2 months ago / 303

This number: (201) 345-4550 is IN NO WAY ASSOCIATED with the New Jersey Travel Clinic LLC. Google has already presented me with an official ...

2 months ago / 201

Keep getting calls from this number for supposedly a new roof .and never asked for info for roof..they call and j answer and they hang up

2 months ago / 302

scammers are using this number to call people

2 months ago / 819

I can not understand why this apartment complex does not have the pool up and working again this summer. Seems like every summer that comes and goes, ...

2 months ago / 479

This person loves to call people right before they close so he/she doesn't have to expect a call back the same day, pisses me off.

2 months ago / 302

Why can't I get my text sent for this phone number?

2 months ago / 810

Today, 7/8/21, I received 11 calls from this number -1-941-316-1201- in the span of about 25 minutes. I know that because it shows the time of each ...

2 months ago / 941

This is a scam. Consumer laws require creditors to prove the debt is yours. These Sherriffs are enabling scammers to create false documents not even ...

3 months ago / 909

It says from service Canada, definitely a fraud

3 months ago / 604

Harassment. Scam calls in the name of Service Canada.

3 months ago / 514

I just received a call from this number and he left a message that he had received a call from my number. He called me by name. Creepy.

4 months ago / 804

I got call back with offert $35 initial fee for referall services and 30 min consultation. If those attotneys go to courts it is ok. If it is only ...

4 months ago / 415

I received a scam call from this number today. Tried to call the business back, first stated golf course, then an rv park...all prompts, no human.

4 months ago / 520

I recieved phone call from this number and answered. An automated voice message said to press 1 to speak to a detective or I'll be prosecuted. So I ...

4 months ago / 248

Multiple telemarketing calls from a number associated with this business.

4 months ago / 404

Will not stop calling. Just hangs up now after 4 years. I have blocked them now but it's absolutely ridiculous. No is no!! The first let down with ...

4 months ago / 904

Called 7 times and hung up without leaving message. Probably a scam.

4 months ago / 614