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great church and great community nice and funny pastor and great mission

17 hours ago / 616

That wierd that's my number...had it for years!!! Jeffery 417 231 1397

17 hours ago / 417

Mohamad is a scammer. he’s a crook. Do not do business with this guy. Unfortunately I was not warned and lot a lot of money. Do not trust this ...

1 day ago / 313

You will think it’s a free number? Wrong, it’s an expensive long distance call number!

1 day ago / 870

Mike Stokes texted me multiple times - I have never done business with them and do not want their text messages. I don't even live in the state of NJ!

3 days ago / 973

This company has the worst customer service ever. They do not know how to communicate whats so ever and they will keep postponing your appt !! They ...

5 days ago / 954

The number has called me 4 times in the last 3 days, left a voicemail today saying to call back (Dec. 29, 2020)

5 days ago / 904

Good day, I have misplaced my gate card & would like to request a replacement as soon as possible! I’m Lawrence K. SKIDMORE at 15300 Palm Dr. #68 ...

5 days ago / 760

I'm just unsure as to why they called me, as soon as I questioned who they were I got hung up on, so im just wondering why they called and how they ...

5 days ago / 909

Can't drive for shit. Almost ran me off the road in Galveston. Flipped me off for it. Reckless driver and a liability. Can't imagine their work ...

5 months ago / 281

Address: 9900 Covington Cross Drive Suite 120 Las Vegas NV 89144 702-382-1500

5 months ago / 702

Name is wrong, should be Diversified Members Credit Union

5 months ago / 248

Do not know the company or person a Ukraine or Russian name came up "Gegrory" ............ set the # to block

5 months ago / 561

Bogus number. cant call it. Likely scammers. working on FCC complaint and IC3

5 months ago / 561

Major Decorating Ltd Address: 326 Wellington St North Kitchener,Ontario N2H 5K9 Phone: 519-954-2105

7 months ago / 519

This number is not for a business. It is a personal number now.

7 months ago / 248

This is a fraud phone. Don't answer this phone.

9 months ago / 613

They called me. Left a voicemail and it was in Chinese with some music in the back ground

9 months ago / 212

I don't know who this company is but was called that I Qualified for back brace, arm brace. etc. that I don't need at all. I will not accept this ...

9 months ago / 954

3:40 am phone call. Don’t ever do that again you idiots.

9 months ago / 317

Contacted OG&E and they said that the number is fraud and the company making the calls are also sending out emails. They said to ignore them and ...

10 months ago / 405

Called 5 times in a row. I had to block them

10 months ago / 631