Counselor Realty Inc

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(952) 473-9500

Counselor Realty Inc

9524739500 is Landline phone number that has been Qwest Corporation since June 13, 2000. The phone number operates in Sierra Vista, AZ 85635 and uses this address - 2363 E. Ferry Boulevard, Sierra Vista, AZ 85635. The company registered under this number is Counselor Realty Inc.

Detailed about (952) 473-9500

Phone number:+1 (952) 473-9500
Registered Name:Counselor Realty Inc
2363 E. Ferry Boulevard, Sierra Vista, AZ 856352363 E. Ferry Boulevard
Sierra Vista, AZ 85635
Phone Service Provider:Qwest Corporation
Phone Number City Location:Wayzata, MN
Phone Number Zip Code:85635
Phone Usage:Landline
Issuance date:06/13/2000
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Additional Information

The phone uses many acceptable formats like +19524739500 or 952-473-9500. However, the recognised national format is (952) 473-9500. The initial number 952 is the area code for Sierra Vista, AZ.

Search for this phone number using its registered Zip Code 85635 and area code. You can also find all phone numbers using the same Zip Code an area code.

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